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Great Meadow Polo

The polo club is based on the grounds of Great Meadow, which is also home to the Virginia Gold Cup. The Great Meadow Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization established by philanthropist and horseman, Arthur “Nick” Arundel, for the preservation of open space.

The polo operation started in 1993 with construction of a top-flight polo arena. Arena polo is played in an open-air enclosure, instead of a larger grass field. It is played with a miniature soccer ball with three players per team. Arena polo is the intercollegiate form of the game and is more affordable, easy to learn and fun to watch for spectators.

As polo became more accessible to players and fans in the Virginia hunt country the sport grew popular throughout the region. Played in a well-lit stadium on Saturday nights, Great Meadow Polo has become a major summer venue for charity causes, tailgate parties and family fun.

In 2001, local contributions to the club made it possible to build a world-class polo field next to the arena. Grass polo is the traditional form of the game and is played with a smaller hard ball and four players per team. Much like the Gold Cup races, the polo field is an ideal setting for corporate entertainment and major charity events.

Great Meadow Polo maintains the highest standard of horsemanship and well-managed events. The club provides family fun for everyone at Twilight Polo and exceptional charitable events on the grass polo field. Everyone is encouraged to come out and experience the excitement of polo along with the breath taking views of open horse country.